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Batteries Perth

Buy Batteries in Perth for All Your Important Appliances

Considering the times we live in, where we spend more time spent at home, and social distancing ensures that you have to depend on your phone for social connection. We stock a variety of batteries in Perth for your vacuum cleaner, phone or tablet, and we will keep you connected with fast delivery.

What You Can Expect From Dyson Batteries in Perth

Our team at Battery Mate is only concerned about one thing - providing you with quality batteries to keep your house clean and you on top of the latest social trends. Be sure to buy phone batteries in Perth as soon as you notice that you have to charge them too often.

  • Dyson batteries. Vacuuming your house might not be the most fun activity, and you want it done as quickly as possible. With the convenience of a Dyson cordless vacuum, you also have the responsibility to take care of the battery. If your device has about 12 flashing lights on display, it is time to consider a replacement battery.
  • Phone batteries. Your phone battery will show your clear signs when it needs replacing. You will notice that it might only switch on when connected to a charger; it will overheat, run down very quickly, and it might even start bulging. It can be dangerous, and you need to order a replacement phone battery to avoid mishaps.
  • Laptop batteries in Perth. The average laptop lifespan is estimated to be between two and four years. It is best to order a replacement battery as soon as you see that your laptop power takes a dive in a very short time.

Samsung batteries in Perth, Google Pixel, HTC and Pocophone. Are only some of the mobile phone batteries that we keep, and it is best to search for your model or give our 24/7 support a call.

What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Batteries in Perth

When you take good care of anything, it will flourish, last longer and give you better output. The same goes for batteries, and we have a few tips on how to maintain your batteries for optimal power:

  • Overcharge. A mobile phone is designed to be on battery power. It is thus not advisable to have your phone on charge the entire day. Charge your phone to 80% and then remove it from the outlet.
  • If you want the best performance out of your laptop, you also need to charge it fully, but here you can use it as a desktop, and it will benefit from being on charge the whole time. When you work wireless, be sure you optimise the screen resolution for the amount of time you will be away from your charger.
  • MacBook. If you own a MacBook and other Apple devices, you will know that you get the quality you need. You can take the best care of your Mac, and it would still need a replacement battery after a few years.

Batteries brought us the luxury of remote working, communicating and cleaning, but they only last that long, and you will need a reliable battery supplier when it is time for a new battery.

About Battery Mate

Except for being the first choice in replacement batteries, we also stock power banks, accessories and chargers to further optimise your experience. Please contact us if you want to know more about our products or how our returns and exchange policy works.

Based on 6965 reviews
Bar lighting

Excellent....speedy delivery would highly recommend .

Electric Dry And Wet Floor Brush Heads For Dyson

Over all a great product , it does the job but does leak abit when not in use it the tank has water in it ..

60 pattern led light

So far, no issues, enjoying the various patterns.

Haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but great service

Definitely looks the part. Haven’t used it yet but looks heavy duty and good quality

Great product and service

Easy purchase and came in a timely manner

have only charged it twice but so far it seems to be as good as the original battery

Perfect replacement battery!

I bought this for my V10 animal, which was getting short on battery life and also had a dodgy charging port. This fitted perfectly and lasts much longer than I ever remember the original working. Highly recommend getting one of these to give your V10 a new lease on life.

Greta value and prompt delivery

Very happy with my smartwatch USB charging cable. Quality product delivered promptly as promised.

Cigarette lighter adapter

The 12 volt end wouldn’t fit into my socket, it may have if I kept forcing it.
Didn’t want to split the wall socket. Rang their 1300 number and said they would ring back, haven’t heard anything hence the review. I suppose the old saying pay for what u get.

Excellent product

Controller is excellent for an aftermarket version. Only issue would be for FPS it doesn't have the tethered aiming, it is either on or off, something to consider.

Anderson extension

Have only used it once but it works great

I bought and paid for 2............They sent 1.

I've been trying to get their attention but it's hard, The 1 I got works fine but I paid for 2 so I'd really like the complete order.

Great product

Excellent service, excellent product. They certainly hold their charge. Very happy. Thanjs

2 Pack | Steel-Line ZT-07 Compatible Garage Door Remote Suits SD800 Opener Transmitter

Work really wells , long life .

Great product,works exactly as described

JBL battery replacement

Arrived on time and came with all the accessories to replace my battery. As good new. Great job. Great service.

I actually haven’t installed it yet as my vacuum is working now.

HDD Recorder Remote

Prompt delivery, good price, excellent Panasonic replacement. Can't believe I put up with the old remote for so long! Extremely happy with BatteryMate and no hesitation in recommendation to others.

Not what is was when received, I thought it was silver and was gold

Dyson V6 Compatible Replacement Battery 595 650 770 880 DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 Animal DC72 Series Handheld Dyson Battery

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