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Free shipping for orders over $70

Batteries Sydney

Choose Our Range for High Quality Replacement Batteries in Sydney

If your laptop, phone, or other electronic device battery has been giving you problems, consider our range for replacement batteries in Sydney. We stock a vast selection to help you find the perfect battery for any device. Make sure you stay charged and choose Battery Mate for all your electronics.

Common Problems to Avoid After You Get New Phone Batteries in Sydney

Once you buy a new phone battery from us, you should consider these quickfire tips to help you get as much longevity from the new battery as possible:

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® when you are not using it. These services on your phone are meant to establish a constant connection to another point, meaning while you are not using it, it is consistently draining power in search of another device. Turn these services on only when you use them. Do not let them idle in the background.
  • Use the battery saver mode on your mobile device if it has an option for one. Most smartphones nowadays have battery saver modes that can dramatically increase the lifespan of batteries by lowering the amount of unnecessary background application activity, dimming screen brightness, and more.
  • Manage your device's location services more effectively. One of the big battery drainers is any mobile phone's location services since it constantly updates in the background. Make sure you keep an eye on it and turn it off when you do not need it since some applications will turn it on and keep it on even if you close the application.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Laptop Batteries in Sydney

Here are a few common mistakes you can avoid when looking for a new laptop battery:

  • Always do the necessary research or speak to our professionals. Laptop batteries are seldom universally compatible, which means they mostly only work with the intended device. If you do not do your research, you risk buying the wrong battery, which will not work.
  • Always buy from a reliable trader. While there are many sellers of replacement batteries for phones or laptops, you should only buy from trustworthy businesses with a history of success and happy clients.
  • Ask us any questions if you feel you do not know enough to make an informed purchasing decision. Our team is here to provide all the assistance you need, whether you want to know which battery will work with your device, if the cables you plan to buy will be compatible, or more.

Why Trust Us When You Need Laptop or Samsung Batteries in Sydney

We pride ourselves on customer service and on selling quality products at unbeatable prices. We can also offer free shipping on any order from $60 to help you get even more value for money. With our wide range of brands and our Australia-wide delivery, you will never need another battery seller again.

Call us today and let our professionals assist you in finding the right batteries for you.

Based on 6948 reviews
I bought and paid for 2............They sent 1.

I've been trying to get their attention but it's hard, The 1 I got works fine but I paid for 2 so I'd really like the complete order.

Great product

Excellent service, excellent product. They certainly hold their charge. Very happy. Thanjs

2 Pack | Steel-Line ZT-07 Compatible Garage Door Remote Suits SD800 Opener Transmitter

Work really wells , long life .

Great product,works exactly as described

JBL battery replacement

Arrived on time and came with all the accessories to replace my battery. As good new. Great job. Great service.

I actually haven’t installed it yet as my vacuum is working now.

HDD Recorder Remote

Prompt delivery, good price, excellent Panasonic replacement. Can't believe I put up with the old remote for so long! Extremely happy with BatteryMate and no hesitation in recommendation to others.

Not what is was when received, I thought it was silver and was gold

Dyson V6 Compatible Replacement Battery 595 650 770 880 DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 Animal DC72 Series Handheld Dyson Battery

Product and service were prompt and excellent Cheers Eddie

Battery purchase

These guys are the best. No messing around, super fast delivery

Works just fine! Amazing purchase definitely will order again!!

Dyson V7 Vacuum Cleaners Compatible Replacement Battery (For ALL V7) + Free Filter

Dyson V7 & SV11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Battery

Have not fitted yet ,getting another vehicle

65W 19V 3.42A Laptop Power Charger For Acer Swift SF514-54T SF514-54GT 3.0*1.1mm

Motorhead / Powerhead Compatible For DYSON V7, V8 V10, V11 & V15 vacuum cleaners

Easy website & transaction

Product delivered was a described. Thank you for your service.

Missing the vacuum stand, contacted the email n sms line but no one replies. They even had the cheek to write on the package vacuum stand included but the parcel package is so small, there is no way it could have included it in

Dyson V7 replacement head useless and disappointing

The Dyson V7 replacement head looks good, has a few lights at the front which look good but not so sure how it’s relevant? I don’t plan on vacuuming in the dark so….. besides that bizarre addition to the head, the internal roller has foam across it instead of bristles which does nothing to help pick up the dust/sand. Always leaves behind a mess whether on carpet or wood floor boards or vinyl. Very disappointed. Useless to be honest. I put my old head unit back on which has half the bristles missing and it does a better job than this.

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