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DCA1820 Adapter For Dewalt 20V MAX to 18V Convert for Li-Ion NiCD NiMh Battery

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Item Specifications:

  • Type: Battery Convertor Adapter
    Model: DCA1820
    Size: 11*10.5*9cm
    Rated current: 2.5A
    Ambient temperature: 25 degrees
    Compatible for Dewalt 18V/20V lithium batteries

Compatible With All Dewalt 20V Lithium Battery Model:

DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206, DCB181-XJ, DCB181, DCB180, N123283, N123282, DCB201-2

Replacement All 18V Dewalt Battery:
for Dewalt DC DW XRP Series 18V battery
DC9096 DE9039 DE9095 DE9096 DE9098 DC9098 DW9096 DW9095 DW9098

Compatible With Dewalt 18V NiCad & NiMh Tools Model: (Please use Ctrl + F to search)
for Dewalt 18 Volt Cordless Drill Power Tool
DC020 DC212 DC212B DC212KA DC212KB DC212KZ DC212N DC213KB DC330 DC330K DC330KA DC330KB DC330N DC380KA DC380KB DC380N DC385 DC385B DC385K DC390 DC390B DC390K DC390KA DC390KB DC390N DC410 DC410KA DC410KB DC410N DC411B DC411KA DC411KL DC490B DC490KA DC495B DC495KA DC515B DC515K DC515N DC520KA DC527 (Flash Light) DC530KA DC545K DC546K DC547K DC550 DC550B DC550KA DC608B DC608K DC616K DC618 DC618K DC618KA DC628K DC668KA DC720KA DC721KA DC721KB DC725KA DC725KB DC729KA DC759 DC759KA DC759KB DC820B DC820KA DC820KB DC821KA DC823B DC823KA DC825B DC825KA DC825KB DC920KA DC925 DC925KA DC925KB DC925VA DC926KA DC926VA DC927 DC927KA DC987 DC987KA DC987KB DC988KA DC988KB DC988VA DC989KA DC989VA DC998KB DCD690KL DCD760B DCD775B DCD920B2 DCD925 DCD925B2 DCD940KX DCD950B DCD950KX DCD950VX DCD959KX DCD959VX DCD970KL DCD980L2 DCD985L2 DCF059KL DCF826KL DCG411KL DW056 DW056K DW056K-2 DW056KS DW056N DW057K DW057K-2 DW057N DW059 DW059B DW059K-2 DW908 (Flash Light) DW919 (Flash Light) DW932 DW933 DW933K DW934 DW934K-2 DW934K2 DW934K2H DW936 DW936K DW938 DW938K DW95

Package Included:

1X Battery Adapter (Only Adapter, No Battery)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniealla D


Christopher Powell

DCA1820 Adapter For Dewalt 20V MAX to 18V Convert for Li-Ion NiCD NiMh Battery

Greg Bagny
DCA 1820 Adapter

Yes quite happy with them both. Thankful to find them after such a long time. My only criticism would be that they don’t release properly. I have to undo base screws a little so that I can get them out. I have about a dozen tools and not wanting to buy 12 adapters. Cheers and thanks.

Lexie Turner
deWalt battery adapter

Order the deWalt battery adapter. Product was as described. Arrived promptly. Excellent service.

Dave Williams
Great adapter

I have 4 or 5 old Dewalt tools and 10 new style, so b2 different kind of batteries! With all my older tools I’ve had to start throwing out the old batteries as they don’t hold charge. It’s never been worth buying new batteries, as the tools aren’t as good as the newer models, but now I can simply plug my new battery into my old tools and they work like a charm. I have been looking for something like this for years!! Highly recommend it.

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