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Gas Mask 7 in 1 Full Face Chemical Spray Painting Respirator Vapour 6800

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  • Model: 6800 
  • Package weight: 0.75kg 
  • Packing size: 20x25x15cm 
  • Material: silicone / thermoplastic elastomer 
  • Facepiece Type: Full Facepiece Reusable 
  • Mission Type: Aircraft, Ships, Vehicles 
  • Operation Type: Facility Safety, Maintenance, Repair & Operations, Overhaul 
  • Product Type: Full Facepiece 
  • Recommended Application: Assembly and Mechanical, Chemical, Clean-up, Chemical Handling, Chemical Splash, Chipping, Chiseling, Cleaning, Furnace Operations, Grinding, Laboratories, Machining, Masonary, Painting, Pouring / Casting, Sanding, Sawing, UV Protection, Welding 
  • Recommended Industry: Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, General Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Primary Metals, Transportation 


  • Full Facepiece Respirator 
  • Large lens for wide field of view 
  • Lightweight, balanced design 
  • Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability 

How To Use: 
1. Hold the end of the strap with both hands, pull the strap as far as possible, so that the mask can completely cover the upper nose and mouth area, connect the fastener behind the neck, and seal the mask with the face. 
2. Pull the end of the strap and tighten it further. 
3. Before use, check the mask to determine whether it is properly sealed. 
4. During the use process, when the user smells the odor or the inhalation resistance increases, the service life of the filter cartridge has expired, please replace the filter cartridge or cotton immediately. 

User Special Considerations
1. Please do not use this mask if the oxygen concentration is below 18%. 


Package Includes:

- 1 × Face Mask 
- 2 × Filter cover 
- 2 × Cartridge 
- 2 × Cotton filter 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Gustavo Rocha Lopes
I Liked

I liked this Mask, good product

paul Destro
Fast delivery

Fast delivery product as described and ordered

Rob Southall

Product was good and as it was advertised
Delivery was prompt and tracking was accurate

Colin Ranby
Gas Mask 7 Full Face

Great value, works really well , speedy delivery, Very pleased.

David Epp

Gas Mask 7 in 1 Full Face Chemical Spray Painting Respirator Vapour 6800

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