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Free Shipping Over $70 | Trusted by Over 1 Million Australians


Replacement SR03XL Battery For Hp Pavilion 15-CX 15-CN0000 L08934-1B1 L08855-855 HSTNN-IB8L

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  • Specification:
    Battery type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 11.55V
    Cell:6 Cells
    recharge cycles 500
    Operation time: Around 1-2.5hours

    Compatible Part Number:

    SR03XL SR03052XL
    L08934-2B1 L08934-1B1 L08934-2C1 L08855-855
    TPN-C133 TPN-C134 TPN-Q194
    Compatible Laptop Models: ( Please press "Ctrl"+"F" to find your laptop model)

    For HP Envy X360 15-CN0000 Series:

    15-cn1073wm 15-cn0013nr 15-cn0000ne 15-CN0000TX 15-CN0005TX 15-CN1000TX 15-CN1005TX 15-cn0001ng 15-cn0003ng 15-CN0003TX 15-cn0004ng 15-CN0004TX 15-CN0006TX 15-CN1003TX 15-CN1005TX.
    For HP Envy X360 15-CP0000 Series:

    15-cp0053cl 15-cp0000na 15-cp0000nc 15-cp0005ng 15-cp0013nr 15-cp0014au 15-cp0599na.
    For HP Envy X360 17-BW0000 Series:

    17-bw0000na 17-bw0001nc 17-bw0001ng 17-bw0001ni 17-bw0007ur 17-bw0008ca 17-bw0011nr 17-bw0200nz 17-bw0003ng 17-bw0004na 17-bw0706nz 17-bw0999na.
    For HP Pavilion 15-CX0000 Series:

    15-cx0056wm,15-CX0058WM,15-cx0030nr,15-cx0020nr,15-CX0058TX,15-CX0059TX,15-CX0060TX,15-CX0061TX,15-CX0062TX,15-CX0064TX,15-CX0065TX,15-CX0067TX,15-CX0068TX,15-CX0069TX,15-CX0070TX,15-CX0071TX,15-CX0072TX,15-CX0074TX,15-CX0075TX,15-CX0076TX,15-cx0000,15-cx0000TX,15-cx0001ng,15-cx0002ng,15-cx0002TX,15-cx0003ng,15-cx0003TX,15-cx0005ng,15-cx0005TX,15-cx0006TX,15-cx0008TX,15-cx0009TX,15-cx0010TX,15-cx0011TX,15-cx0012TX,15-cx0013TX,15-cx0014TX,15-cx0015TX,15-cx0016TX,15-cx0017TX,15-cx0018TX,15-cx0019TX,15-cx0020TX,15-cx0021TX,15-cx0022TX,15-cx0023TX,15-cx0024TX,15-cx0025TX,15-cx0026TX,15-cx0027TX,15-cx0028TX,15-cx0029TX,15-cx0031TX,15-cx0032TX,15-cx0034TX,15-cx0035TX,15-cx0037TX,15-cx0038TX,15-cx0040nr,15-cx0040TX,15-cx0041TX,15-cx0042TX,15-cx0043TX,15-cx0044TX,15-cx0045TX,15-cx0046TX,15-cx0047TX,15-cx0048TX,15-cx0049TX,15-cx0050TX,15-cx0051TX,15-cx0052TX,15-cx0053TX,15-cx0054TX,15-cx0055TX,15-cx0056TX,15-cx0057TX,15-cx0059TX,15-cx0060TX,15-cx0061TX,15-cx0063TX,15-cx0064TX,15-cx0066TX,15-cx0067TX,15-cx0069TX,15-cx0070TX,15-cx0072TX,15-cx0073TX,15-cx0074TX,15-cx0075TX,15-cx0076TX,15-cx0077TX,15-cx0078TX,15-cx0079TX,15-cx0080TX,15-cx0081TX,15-cx0082TX,15-cx0083TX,15-cx0084TX,15-cx0085TX,15-CX0086NR,15-cx0086TX,15-cx0087TX,15-cx0088TX,15-cx0089TX,15-cx0090TX,15-cx0091TX,15-cx0092TX,15-cx0093TX,15-cx0095TX,15-cx0096TX,15-cx0098TX,15-cx0099TX,15-cx0101TX,15-cx0102TX,15-cx0104TX,15-cx0105TX,15-cx0106TX,15-cx0107TX,15-cx0108TX,15-cx0109TX,15-cx0110TX,15-cx0111TX,15-cx0112TX,15-cx0400,15-cx0401ng,15-cx0001TX, 15-cx0004ng,15-cx001la 15-cx0140tx 15-cx0020ca 15-Cx0153tx 15-Cx0216TX.
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Margot Nelson

I seem to have offered the wrong battery. I was referred to “returns” on the website to print a label. It was very convenient.