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How To Maintain A Healthy Battery Life With Your iPhone? - Battery Mate

How To Maintain A Healthy Battery Life With Your iPhone?

There is nothing more frustrating than having your iPhone battery die, especially when it seems to be going flat sooner than it should. While the death of your iPhone battery is inevitable, there are ways to ensure that it gets its intended lifespan. We all know that a low or dead battery is not what we want or need particularly when out and about but there are products like portable battery chargers, which allow you to plug in your USB data cable and keep charging on the go!


Charging habits are one of the biggest reasons why iPhone batteries are not in the best health. Too often do people charge their phone overnight as they sleep or let the battery go completely flat before they charge, which are both detrimental. Basically, too much power in overworks the battery and not enough power robs it of the juice it needs. Charging the battery for hours on end overnight or when you are not with your iPhone means that it is overcharging and the power supply will likely not have cut off the charging when the smartphone has reached its full capacity again. This impacts upon the battery life and reduces its ability to keep on regularly charging at an effective rate with maximum output of battery life time in use with your iPhone. 

Overworking the Battery

If you have too many applications running at once, of course the battery must work harder, which means your iPhone will go flat quicker. Try and keep tabs open to a minimum and especially take advantage of the low power mode function when you are on the lower end of your battery life.

Other Tips

Other simple things to implement are to protect the iPhone. Get a good case and keep the iPhone at a reasonable temperature as if it gets too cold it will impact the batteries’ ability to hold charge. Overheating also is damaging. Another tip is to only use Apple Official chargers as these are designed especially for that battery. If you allow your iPhone to sit in the direct sun for too long, you will receive a notification on the screen warning you that the phone is too hot and cannot be used until it cools down. You may have done this before and seen this message but it is crucial not to let your iPhone overheat. Also, keep your iPhone software updated to the latest iOS version for premium, optimal functionality; that way you are getting the most optimised program for your battery. 

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