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NP-50 NP-50A Battery for Fujifilm FinePix XP200 X10 X20 XF1 -1400mAh Hi Capacity

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Battery Features :

For FUJIFILM NP-50 Battery pack Fuji Z JX digital camera NP 50 NP50 

Project Details:

  • Products type: Li-ion battery
  • Volts: 3.6 V
  • Capacity: 1400mAh 3.4Wh (Li-ion) 

Replacement Battery Part No.
NP-50, NP50, NP-50A, NP50A

Replacement Machine Part No.

  • FinePix F100FD,
  • FinePix F200EXR,
  • FinePix F300EXR,
  • FinePix F305EXR,
  • FinePix F500EXR,
  • FinePix F505EXR,
  • FinePix F50FD,
  • FinePix F550EXR,
  • FinePix F600EXR,
  • FinePix F605EXR,
  • FinePix F60FD,
  • FinePix F660EXR,
  • FinePix F665EXR,
  • FinePix F750EXR,
  • FinePix F75EXR,
  • FinePix F770EXR,
  • FinePix F775EXR,
  • FinePix F800EXR,
  • FinePix F80EXR,
  • FinePix F820EXR,
  • FinePix F850EXR,
  • FinePix F85EXR,
  • FinePix F900EXR,
  • FinePix REAL 3D W3,
  • FinePix X10,
  • FinePix X20,
  • FinePix X20B,
  • FinePix X20S,
  • FinePix XP100,
  • FinePix XP110,
  • FinePix XP150,
  • FinePix XP160,
  • FinePix XP170,
  • FinePix XP200,
  • Finepix F70EXR,
  • XF1

Package Includes:

1 X For FUJIFILM NP-50 Battery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kevin Kearns
New battery

This new battery much higher cca than original fitted to my Isuzu mux is performing in excess of expectations very happy with the excellent service i received.

Very good replacement for original. Needed a 'tweak' in an old camera.

The battery charges well and delivers good performance, but due to the contacts being recessed slightly more than the original it needed an additional shim within the camera's battery compartment to ensure good contact. Not a big issue as the camera is quite old and a few elements need adjustments.

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